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Disease models


#413 (muscular dystrophy)

Introduced from Nippon Institute for Biological Science (2008)
This line has an onset of muscular dystrophy, but it has dystrophin lacking in human Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Many researches have been done about its causative gene and ubiquitin ligase genes (WWP1) are currently thought to be causative. Muscles are thought to become abnormal because of accumulation of Caveolin-3 proteins in excess in muscle. A linkage map was prepared by AFLP method using a family developed for research of its causative gene. Experiments of dystrophy gene transfer were carried out.
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OS (Obese strain)

Introduced from Innsbruck Univ., Austria (2007). It was developed at Cornell Univ., USA in 1950s
This line has an onset of autoimmune thyroiditis and is expected to be useful for a model animal of human Hashimoto’s disease. Many pathological, genetical, immunological and endocrinological researches were reported but its definitive etiology is unknown.
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