Saturday Seminar 2014
Data Name Topics
May 10 S. Ueno 2H-Azirines : Tools for the Heterocycles
May 17 T. Nishiakwa A direct alcohol C-H bond allylation, a powerful tool for polyketides synthesis
Jun 7 K. Higuchi     Asymmetric epoxidations
Jun 21 H. Hashimoto   Functionalization of sp3 C-H Bonds Using Directing Groups
Jun 28 Y. Nakane Total Synthesis, Relay Synthesis, and Structural Confirmation of the C18-Norditerpenoid Alkaloid Neofinaconitine
Jul 12 W.-Y. Huang Generation of CO and its efficient incoporation in palladium catalyzed carbonylations
Sep 20 R. Kimura Enantioselective Catalysis of [2+2] photocycloaddition
Sep 27 Y. Hirata Bioinspired total synthesis of (±) - Yezo'otoriginC and Biomimetic synthesis of Equisetin and (+) - Fusarisetin A
Oct 25 K. Miyagawa Sustainable Three-Component Synthesis of Isothioureas from Isocyanides, Thiosulfunates, and Amines
Nov 1 Y. Miyazawa A Unified Strategy for the Synthesis of 7-Membered-Ring-Containing Lycopodium Alkaloids
Nov 29 Y. Yamamoto Total Synthesis of (+) - Ingenol
Dec 23 Y. Nokura Synthesis of Thromboxane A2 and Organocatalytic Synthesis of Prostaglandins
Jan 10 M. Adachi Osmium and Osmiun-free Dihydroxylation of Alkene
Jan 31 A. Nakazaki Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation through Catalytic Reductive Olefin Coupling

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