Saturday Seminar 2012
Data Name Topics
Apr 7 T. Nishikawa Transition-Metal Catalyzed Diamination of Olefins
Apr 21 A. Nakazaki Chemistry of the Twisted Amides
May 12 N. Matsumoto Nitrones ; versatile 1,3-dipoles 〜construction of various heterocycles〜
May 26 H. Yamada A Recent Boron Chemistry
Jun 6 Y. Ishikawa   Recent Development in Gold-Catalyzed Organic Reactions
Jun 23 R. Goda Scalable Synthesis of Cortistatin A
Jul 7 Y. Sasori Application of Cyclopropenium cation for Reagents〜 Focus on the work of T. H. Lambert's group〜
Jul 21 S. Tokoro Application of Zincke aldehyde
Sep 1 K. Higuchi Pd(IV) chemistry
Sep 15 N. Miyata Atroposelective Organocatalysis
Sep 29 A. Ikeda Synthesis of (-)-cucumanolide A and (-)-curcumalactone
Oct 20 T. Imazu Synthetic study of daphniphyllum alkaloid
Oct 27 S. Ueno Synthetic studies of GB alkaloids
Nov 10 W.-Y. Huang Synthetic Study on(-)-Lycojapodine A
Nov 17 M. Adachi Palladium-catalyzed Reactions of Diazo Compounds

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