Saturday Seminar 2013
Data Name Topics
  N. Mataumoto Nickel Chemistry 〜Recent Nickel-catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reactions〜
May 11 A. Nakazaki Copper-Catalyzed Amination Using Electrophilic Nitrogen Sources
May 25 A. Ikeda New chemistry of Isonitriles with Carboxylic acids
Jun 29 M. Matsubara    Total Syntheses of Transtaganolides and Basiliolides
Jul 20 R. Kimura Total Synthesis of Brevenal
Jul 27 T. Nishiakwa Development of New Na+ channel blockers based on Saxitoxin Research by J. DuBois group
Arg 31 T. Imazu Direct C=C bond cleavage chemistry
Sep28 K. Miyagawa Total Synthesis of (+)-Scholarisine A
Oct 5 K. Higuchi Synthetic study of terpene indole alkaroids -How to construct of the core skelton-
Oct 26 W.-Y. Huang N-Hetereocyclic Carbene-Catalyzed Claisen rearrangement
Nov 9 H. Hashimoto Total synthesis of Indoxamycins
Nov 30 M. Matsubara Total Synthesis of Aplyviolene
Dec 7 S. Ueno Silyl Glyoxylates for Multicomponent Coupling in Jeffrey S. Johnson group
Dec 21 M. Adachi New Avenues to Defy Ring Strain of Cyclopropane

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