Saturday Seminar 2010
Data Name Topics
April 10 T. Nishikawa Allylic Oxidation of Alkene with Palladium Catalyst
April 24 K. Sugino Recent Applications of Organocatalyst
May 08 Y. Sawayama Frustrated Lewis Pairs
May 29 K. Vorawan The Variety of Mass Spectrometry
Jun 12 E. Tanaka Mechenism of C-F Reductive Elimination from Palladium(IV) Fluorides
Jun 26 M. Torii New Insight of Pt(II)-Catalyed Reaction of Vinylsilanes with Aldehydes
July 17 T. Komada Cobalt-catalyzed Radical alkylation of Alkyl Halides ~ A Complement to Heck Reaction ~
July 31 H. Yamada Carbocyanation Reaction with Nickel/LA-Catalysis
Sep 04 N. Matsumoto Synthetic Studies on the Bicyclo[3,3,1]nonane Core Toward Total Synthesis of the PPaPs
Sep 18 M. Adachi H-Bonding and Oxygen Functional Effects in Ru-Catalyzed Diene and/or Enyne Metathesis
Oct 02 M. Kuse Cyclopamine, a modulator of the hedgehog signaling pathway
Oct 16 R. Sakakibara Total Synthesis of Sporolide B
Oct 23 Y. Hara Total Synthesis on (-)-Communesin F Based on Oxidative Coupling
Nov 13 A. Nakazaki A Predictably Selective Aliphatic C-H Oxidation Reaction with Iron Catalyst
Nov 27 A. Mori Synthesis of the Originally Assigned Structure of Vannusal B
Dec 04 M. Yanagi Chemical Biology of Cytostatine, an inhibitor of Protein Phosphatase
Dec 18 K. Mitsuya Scalable Total Synthesis of N-Linked Tryptamine Dimers by Direct Indole-Aniline Coupling: Psychotrimine and Kapakahines B and F

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