Saturday Seminar 2009
Data Name Topics
May 09 T. Nishikawa β-Lactam Synthesis by Kinugasa Reaction
May 23 K. Sugino Construction of Cyclic Indole Skeleton
Jun 06 A. Nakazaki Recent Progress in Indolyne Chemistry
Jun 27 H. Yamada Direct Alkylation of Allylic Alcohols
July 04 M. Adachi [4+1] Cycloaddition
July 25 N. Urabe Chemical Defense Strategies of Mushroom
Sep 05 H. Isaji Chemistry on Prenyl & Reverse Prenyl Group
Sep 19 M. Kuse Chemiosmotic hypothesis for auxin transport; IAA (indole-3-acetic acid) and PIN proteins (auxin efflux carriers)
Oct 10 M. Senda Total Synthesis and Biological Activity of Neopeltolide and Analogues
Oct 24 Y. Sawayama Recent Advances in Asymmetric Metathesis Reactions
Nov 07 K. Vorawan Nanomaterial in Fluorescence-based Biosensing
Nov 21 T. Komada Carbonyl Allylation; Creation of chiral all-carbon quaternary Stereocenters
Dec 05 E. Tanaka Direct C-H functionalization of Imidazolinone
Dec 19 M. Torii Total synthesis of Zaragozic acids

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