Saturday Seminar 2008
Data Name Topics
May 17 T. Nishikawa Ethynylation of Enolate
May 31 M. Adachi Metal-catalyzed Alkyl-Alkyl Cross-coupling Reaction
Jun 14 M. Kuse Chemical Biology of Fumagillin
July 05 T. Doi The Variety of Mass Spectrometry
July 19 K. Sugino Silicon-Based Cross-Coupling Reaction
Sep 06 H. Yamada The Biochemistry and Total Synthesis of Platensimycin
Sep 20 T. Komada An Experimental and Computational Approach to Defining
Structure/Reactivity Relationship
Oct 04 Y. Sakurai Cobalt-catalyzed Radical alkylation of Alkyl Halides
~ A Complement to Heck Reaction ~
Oct 18 Y. Satake C-H Oxidation Catalyzed by Transition Metal
Oct 25 Y. Nakashima Molecular Imaging with Positron Emission Tomography (PET)
Nov 15 A. Miyazaki Metal Ion Selectivity in Metalloprotein
Nov 29 Y. Sawayama VCD (Vibrational Circular Dichroism) Techniques
Dec 13 K. Vorawan Quantum Dots/Bioluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer Based Sensitive Detection of Protease
Feb 07 H. Isaji Synthesis of Oseltamivir
Feb 21 N. Urabe Synthesis of Cortistatin

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