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MORITA, Yasuhiro

The relationship between inner physical thermal changes and reproductive performance under heat stress condition in cattle

Our research is conducted from the viewpoint of observing inner physical thermal changes. We try to clarify the temperature maintenance mechanism under heat conditions to improve fertility and productivity in livestock animals.

It is generally known that heat or cold condition causes infertility in both male and female in cattle as the environmental stressor. Moreover, there is a mechanism to maintain the organ temperature adequately for the normal function of each organ in the body to maintain homeostasis. As far as reproductive organs are concerned, the testes are an example. I believe that this also applies to the female reproductive organs located in the abdomen. Therefore, we try to clarify the relationship between thermal change in the female reproductive tract and reproductive performance in cattle.

Research for the promotion of livestock industry in Southeast Asian countries

We research to promote the sustainable livestock industry in developing Southeast Asian countries through the doctoral program of Nagoya University Asian Satellite Campuses Institute, which offers the "Transnational Doctoral Programs for Leading Professionals in Asian Countries." We believe the research for sustainable livestock industry development and ameliorating livestock technologies in tropical conditions is important for coping with climate change, hunger, and poverty, which many regions will be affected from now on in the world.