Laboratory of Animal Production Science

Laboratory of Animal Production Science, Nagoya University


Our research

Research outline

The goal of our research is to reveal the regulatory mechanisms of reproductive functions in domestic animals (goats and cattle), and to utilize the basic knowledge for farm animal production. We currently focus on the following research projects using a multidisciplinary approach:
1. Neuroendocrine mechanisms regulating pulsatile GnRH release in ruminants
2. Physiological role of kisspeptin/neurokinin B/dynorphin in the control of reproduction in ruminants
3. Uterus
4. Heat stress

Our laboratory is located in the TOGO Field (University Farm), Field Science Research Center, in Togo town, where is 15 km away from Higashiyama Campus.

Recent publications

Outreach activity

Once or twice a year, we bring Shiba goats (mothers and kids) to the nursery school on Higashiyama Campus in Nagoya University and provide the opportunity for kindergarten children to touch them.