We study the genome, its associated epigenomes, and their dynamics
during development and during evolution.
Genome and epigenome evolution through retrotransposons in mammals is a major interest.

What's new

Our paper on the function of SINEs has been published in Mol Biol Evol.
Ichiyanagi T. et al. "B2 SINE copies serve as a transposable boundary of DNA methylation and histone modifications in the mouse."
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Boyboy (M.Sc. student) presented a poster entitled "Paternal transgenerational epigenetic inheritance of diabetes in mice" in the annual meeting of Japanease Society of Molecular Biology.
Ms. Shimomuku and Mr. Ishikawa (undergraduate students) joined the lab.
Dr. Hitoshi Otani joined the lab as an assistant professor.
Four graduate students presented posters in the annual meeting of Japanease Society of Molecular Biology at Fukuoka.
Hirata M. "Comparative analysis of histone modifications between human and chimpanzee iPS Cells."
Sugimoto H. "Study on the retrotransposon regulatory systems during male germ cell development in mice."
Kawase M. "The role for SETDB1, a H3K9 methyltransferase, during development of male germ cells in the mouse."
Mori Y. "Epigenetic regulation of SINEs during male germ cell development in mice."
Ichiyanagi K. presented an invited talk in FASEB (Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology) Mobile DNA meeting at Palm Springs, CA, USA.
title: Epigenetic regulation of retrotransposons during mouse male germ cell development.
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