Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences Nagoya University Laboratory for Plant Signaling

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Our laboratory studies molecular mechanisms underlying optimization of plant growth and development in response to environmental cues with focusing on phytohormone function. On the basis of the research, we aim to understand regulatory systems involved in sink-source regulation and effective material transport for improvement of plant productivity.


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Dr. Sakakibara's Medal with Purple Ribbon celebration was held at Nagoya University. Graduates also gathered to celebrate together(alubum)。NEW
Sakakibara Lab and Nakamichi Lab held a joint vertial Cherry Blossom Viewing Party(alubum)。NEW
Dr. Sakakibara's Medal with Purple Ribbon & Birthday Celebration & Year-End Party were held(album)。
Dr. Sakakibara was selected as one of Clarivate Analytics Highly Cited Researchers 2023
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