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**** Post conference announcement ****
All participants were treated with early registration fee to avoid the cumbersome procedure because late registration payments were few.
**** ****

The deadline of early bird registration was extended to Oct. 5. You can choose "regular as early", "reduced as early", or "accompanying" as appropriate. You are required to pay by using your credit card and to choose a post-conference tour. Please refer the information on the tours below. After completing your registration, you will receive confirmation mails.

**** Notice! About the problem of your registration ****
We are very sorry for some people who suffers the difficulties ofregistration system. Please copy and paste the following address in your address bar,
and you can see the registration button.
You select Regular at early, Reduced at early, or Accompany and click the registration button. You can go to registration page. !! In case no improvement, please paste “about:blank”and push “Enter” key. The display shows no information. And copy and paste the following address in your address bar,
and you can see the registration button. You can go to registration page.
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If you have troubles, do not hesitate to inform the following address.
E-mail: pbm8@agr.nagoya-u.ac.jp
Fax : +81 52 789 4150
The payment process is managed by Cloud Payment Inc.


Regular* / Early registration: 50,000 JPY
Regular / Late registration: 64,000 JPY
Reduced* / Early registration: 25,000 JPY
Reduced / Late registration: 32,000 JPY
Accompanying person**: 15,000 JPY
*Regular participant: academic or private staff, post-doc under contract
*Reduced participant: student, jobless, and retired scientist

Fees include lunches, coffee breaks, welcome party, conference banquet, conference proceedings, and one-day excursion.
**Accompanying persons are offered conference banquet and one-day excursion.

A Post-conference tour

We invite all the participants to the post conferences one-day tours, which you choose one from following three courses:

(Course 1) Ise Jingu (Ise City) (Bus tour)
Ise Jingu is one of the oldest Shinto-Shrine that has formally established in AC 685 at the present place, consisting of two sanctuaries. Ise Jingu is located at Ise City, 2 hours by bus from Nagoya. Naiku and Geku. The buildings in each sanctuary are made by traditional wooden structure, using Japanese Cypress (Cupressaceae). Those buildings are reconstructed in each 20 years since AC 690. The building materials are supplied from the man-made forest neighboring to Naiku Sanctuary. We visit sanctuaries and their man-made forest.

(Course 2) Nagoya Historical Culture (Nagoya City) (Walk and subway tours)
Nagoya is the 4th biggest City in Japan, which has formally started from Atsuta Jingu Shinto-Shrine since AC672. Name of the city “Nagoya” has established since AC 1610, from the construction of Nagoya-Jo Castle and the city at the present place by Tokugawa-Shogunate Family. The Nagoya-Jo Castle was a symbol of Shogunate government in Nagoya, located at the center of city. After the end of Shogunate government, it became one of the most famous historical points in Japan. Unfortunately, Nagoya-Jo Castle was destroyed by the war fire in 1945. After the world war II, Nagoya-Jo Castle was reconstructed and regenerated as a shorgunate museum in 1959. Hommaru Goten-Palace that was used by the load of Nagoya-Jo Castle was also reconstructed in 2014, which shows cultures of Shogun life. We visit Nagoya-Jo Castel and Hommaru Goten-Palace as well as a museum of historical culture.

(Course 3) Wood machinery company and botanical garden (Bus tour)
1. Meinan Machinery Works
Meinan Machinery Works is a private machinery company where many skillful engineers are working, to produce various types of machines for plywood manufacturing, which is located in Obu-City, 1 hour by bus from Nagoya City. Some of their new products has caused a revolution in plywood industries in Asia, which enabled them to use small-diameter logs (the minimum size is lesser than several cm). We visit them in the morning, and return to Nagoya City to visit Higashiyama Doh-Shokubutsu-en (Zoo and Botanical Garden).
2. Higashiyama Doh-Shokubutsu-en (Zoo and Botanical Garden) One of the biggest Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Japan, which is located close to Nagoya University. They have wild animals and plants from across the globe. We visit in the afternoon after coming back from Meinan Machinery Company.