Forest Environment and Resources

@@Forest ecosystems have been globally recognized as a sustainable resource.

In spite of this, global deforestation caused by the clear cutting of tropical forests as well as environmental changes such as global warming and environmental pollution continues to pose a serious problem.

The research objective of laboratory is the development of optimum sustainable management of forest ecosystems with regard to economics and environment.

The studies are based on applied mathematics, forest mensuration, remote sensing, environmental chemistry and plant physiology.

    1. Mathematical modeling of timber yield projection and forest growth dynamics for sustainable forest management;
    2. Identification and evaluation of effects of atmospheric pollutants on forest ecosystem;
    3. Diagnosis of forest decline using physiological symptom found in affected plants;

Prof. @@@@Chisato TAKENAKA @(D.Sc)

Assoc. Prof. @Kazukiyo YAMAMOTO (D.Agr)

Assist. Prof. @Rie TOMIOKA (D.Agr)

Forest environment and resources

Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences

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Nagoya University

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