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Apple Breeding and Cultivation Based on S-RNase Allele Information.

Investigation of Apple Coloration Mechanisms and the Effective Breeding
 Using Molecular Markers

Molecular Mechanisms in the Reproductive/Nutritional Growth of Strawberry

Function of Vacuole in Horticultural Crops

Genome Wide Analysis of Transporter in Tomato

Functions of Aquaporin in Horticultural Crops

Multi-Omics of Horticultural Crops

Secondarily Metabolite Accumulation in Fruits

Sorbitol Metabolism and Transport in Rosaceae Fruit Trees

Genome Editing of Tomato

Functions of Transcription Factors in Horticultural Crops

Petal Specific Promoter and Molecular Breeding of Floricultural Crops

Grafting Mechanism and Development New Grafting Technology



Function of Vacuole and Genome Wide Analysis of Transporter in Tomato

Multi-Omics of Horticultural Crops




Professor  Dr. Shogo MATSUMOTO 
Associate Professor  Dr. Katsuhiro SHIRATAKE
Lecturer  Dr. Syungo OTAGAKI


Chikusa, NAGOYA 464-8601, JAPAN

Laboratory of Horticultural Science,
Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences,
Nagoya University

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