Department of Bioengineering Sciences

Division of Socioeconomic Science of Bioagriculture


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Prof. SHOGENJI, shinichi D. Agr. ashogen@
Assoc. Prof. TAKESHITA, Hironobu D. Agr. awa@
Asst. Prof. MIURA, Satoshi M. Agr. miuranet@

Socioeconomic science of food production concerns the economic and managerial aspects of agriculture and rural resources. Agricultural production systems are studied with stress on the compatibility of ecological balance and vitality of rural society. Those must be efficient in the sense not only of the market systems but also of non-monetary systems such as shadow works and communal cooperation. For this purpose, studies are carried out on relations between natural and historical characteristics of agriculture in a region and the relation between a nation and the world economy. Main investigating topics currently are listed below:

  1. Relations between national food situation and structural change in agriculture
  2. Economy and ecology towards sustainable agriculture
  3. Rural resources management towards sustainable development

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